Picture of the Week

06 Nov 2017

New Sculpt Wolf Paws

Starting to make paws for sale with the new Wolf Paw sculpt. They're based off of DarkFang's old sculpt with more texturing.

Location: Clarion, PA

30 Oct 2017

DarkFang, Halloween 2017

DarkFang out prowling the streets of Clarion on Halloween night. Photo by Dingoroo.

Location: Clarion, PA

23 Oct 2017

16 Oct 2017

Dramatic Paw Picture

The new wolf paw sculpt during airbrushing in the workshop, captured dramatically.

Location: The Workshop

09 Oct 2017

Beast Paws

Beast paws in progress, showing the difference between raw and airbrushed. The raw latex looks grey because of a protective layer of talc to keep it from sticking to itself; this layer is washed off just before airbrushing.

Location: The Workshop

02 Oct 2017

Werewolf Claws

Werewolf claws in werewolf paws! Ysengrin is in the process of resculpting the medium claws (used here), and will be resculpting the werewolf paws as well, soon.

Location: The Workshop

25 Sep 2017

Wyvern and Wolf King

A plush Horde wyvern holds a Wolf King Warrior imperial stout. It's a bit easier to find around here than our first choice, the seasonal Wulver Wee Heavy Ale. Both are brewed in the area, more or less.

The wyvern? Ysengrin used to play World of Warcraft, Horde side, and collects plush.

Location: Clarion, PA

18 Sep 2017

Latex in progress

This is early-on in the casting process, when the layers are still being hand-painted in the molds and thickness is being built up with multiple layers.

Location: The Workshop

11 Sep 2017

Ghost Peppers

Ysengrin tried to overwinter the Ghost Pepper plants from last season - the plants survived, but the yield was pretty underwhelming.

Location: Clarion, PA

04 Sep 2017

Maglot's Paw

Not my work. This is one of Maglot's paws, made by him in the workshop. This was the first paw he ever made, and is sculpted, molded, cast and painted by him.

Location: The Workshop

28 Aug 2017

Sometimes You Just Have To Relax

Ysengrin taking it easy on the couch - his point of view.

Location: Clarion, PA

21 Aug 2017

Werewolf Paws in progress

Pairs of werewolf paws, drying after being airbrushed and waiting for claws. These were part of an order for a Southern haunt.

Location: The Workshop

14 Aug 2017

Paws and feet, base coated

Paws and feet, cleaned up and base coated. Weather was nice (and not windy) so work was being done outside on a temporary table.

Location: The Workshop

07 Aug 2017

Post Lightning Strike

Had a really close lightning strike on the 4th - less than 200' from where I was standing. The next day found two outdoor light switches blown apart. One cover and part of the switch was about 12' away from the base.

Think the lightning struck the tall tree next to the old light post in the picture, jumped to the post and fed into the house. A network switch, laptop (that was plugged into the network) and stereo amp (next to the laptop) were all fried. Later found that the timer on the pool pump was also fried.

Location: The Workshop

31 Jul 2017

Maglot Molding

Down in the workshop, molding paws he sculpted. He was offered workshop space for a personal project.

Location: The Workshop

24 Jul 2017

Griffon Handpaws

A set of dark grey/grey griffon paws ready to ship to the client. This pair has strong magnets embedded in the cuffs to attach to the body suit.

Location: The Workshop

17 Jul 2017

Ghost Pipes

A wooded and sheltered part of the yard plays host to these ghost pipes growing out of some leaf litter. There's a total of eight or nine clusters of these pipes scattered around the yard.

Location: Out in the woods near the workshop

10 Jul 2017

Detailing the Bottoms

Before and after shot of Ysengrin's detail work on the paw pads of the wolf feet, being done after the top half has been molded and with the sculptures still in the molds. Skin texturing is still to come.

Location: The Workshop

03 Jul 2017

Crepuscular Rays

A light fog at sunrise and a fortuitous alignment gave rise to these crepuscalar rays.

Location: Out back of the Workshop

26 Jun 2017

Solstice Sunrise

Sunrise on the recent solstice, looking out over the fog-shrouded Clarion River. A lot more green, compared to the photo of the same veiw taken back in February below.

Location: Out back of the Workshop

19 Jun 2017

Wolf Feet In-Progress

In-progress photo of the new wolf feet sculpt. At this point the veining needed to be blended in more, and the final skin textures added.

Location: the workshop

12 Jun 2017

Werewolf Prowling

Ysengrin out prowling around the woods on Memorial Day weekend, at a friend's party. This was why he needed to be washed in last week's photos. Held on privately owned land so there were no issues with "freaking the mundanes" (or with large amounts of alcohol, fireworks and meat).

Photo is copyright by Mimosa Moth (@mimosamoth on Twitter) and is used with permission.

Location: Out in the woods near the workshop

05 Jun 2017

Werewolf Washing

Werewolf hanging up to dry after a good soak in a tub. Here we show both the drowned rat and mostly dry stages. After many hours of hard play and rolling around in the outdoors across Memorial Day weekend, the bath was much needed.

Someone asked if hanging the suit wet like this stretches it out. It doesn't, because there's a network of supporting strapping under the fur to prevent just that. It's there because earlier suits would stretch and sag due to the weight of sweat saturating the suit during long hours in a hot haunted house, but the strapping works just as well with the suit soaked in just water. The suit is also hanging on a wide wet suit hanger, which spreads the weight across the shoulders and opens up the chest cavity so air can circulate inside.

Location: Out back of the workshop

29 May 2017

Cast Clay Paws

The latex of the old master wolf paws (over twenty years old) had shrunken unevenly, making them unsuitable for remolding. Ysengrin made a quick mold with plaster bandages and cast a shell of Monster Clay in them, filling the core with plaster. The clay casts will be corrected and retextured before making new molds for the wolf feet.

Location: The Workshop

22 May 2017

Pittsburgh Air Show

Photos taken at the soft opening of the 2017 Wings Over Pittsburgh air show.

Top photo is a F-22 Raptor coming to a stop; it's part of the Air Combat Command F-22 Demonstration Team. Behind it is a B-52 Stratofortress.

Bottom photo is a KC-135 Stratotanker - full image also has a taxiing C-17 Globemaster, cropped out of the thumbnail.

Location: 40° 29' 33" N, 80° 12' 45" W

15 May 2017

Bringing out detail

Experimenting with different painting techniques to bring out the sculpted detail. Also, putting rejected pulls to good use!

Location: The Workshop

08 May 2017

Flamboyant Visitor

This mature peacock wandered into the workshop through an open door to check out what was going on. None of our neighbors have peacocks, though one neighbor apparently saw the same peacock earlier about a mile away heading down the road from the highway. There's no I.D. band on the peacock.

Peacocks are not native to the area (or the continent).

That was a few days ago, and the peacock has apparently made us a regular stop. He's been seen at least once every day, looking in through the workshop door.

Update: the peacock hasn't been seen since the 16th.

Location: The Workshop

01 May 2017

Base coat in progress

A pair of brown and black beast paws undergoing their base coat. The paw on the left is before, the paw on the right is after the first pass. The base brown latex is actually close to the base coat's color under its surface.

Location: The Workshop

24 Apr 2017

Early Spring Morning

The trees are greening up nicely now, as shown in this shot of the Clarion River taken off the back deck early in the morning.

All is not as quiet as it seems. Loggers are at work on a parcel about a half-mile away and the sound of power saws fill the morning air.

Location: Clarion, PA

17 Apr 2017

Paws in Molds

A pair of Griffon paws immediately after opening their molds. These particular molds have had issues with the fingers properly drying, so we'll leave them open like this for a day before fully pulling the paws. Flashing will be trimmed then.

Location: Clarion, PA

10 Apr 2017

New Claws

New claws, cast in monster clay in the old molds then modified slightly and re-textured. They're set up on a base plate of cardboard prior to making a new silicone mold.

Location: Clarion, PA

03 Apr 2017

Brown Wolf Feet

A pair of brown wolf feet, drying after their base coat and first run of airbrushing

Location: Clarion, PA

27 Mar 2017

Dragon Paws Drying

An experimental pair of dragon paws, hung upside down so the latex-covered foam claws can dry.

Location: Clarion, PA

20 Mar 2017

Snow in the Morning

A good snowfall with little wind left lots of snow balanced on the trees out in the front yard one morning.

Location: Clarion, PA

13 Mar 2017

Stompy Werewolf

Source of the pawprints found - Ysengrin out stomping around in the woods.

Location: Clarion, PA

06 Mar 2017


Mysterious pawprints in the snow ...

Location: Clarion, PA

27 Feb 2017

Fog Over the River

Fog over the Clarion River in the early morning.

Location: Clarion, PA

20 Feb 2017

Two 'Roos and a Werewolf

Two visiting kangaroos pose with Ysengrin.

Location: Clarion, PA

13 Feb 2017


Closeup of Basil, DarkFang's python.

Location: Clarion, PA

06 Feb 2017

Beast Paws in Snow

Beast hand paws in the snow, propped against a tree in the back yard. Not all the pawpads were painted black, giving a different look to the paws.

Location: Clarion, PA

30 Jan 2017


Looking out back towards the Clarion River in a heavy snowstorm. Visibility about thirty feet.

Location: Clarion, PA

23 Jan 2017

In-progress Paws

A partially painted set of werewolf hands and big wolf feet.

Location: Clarion, PA

16 Jan 2017

Small Town Winter

View looking east out of the Clarion courthouse during a light snowfall.

Location: 41° 12' 54" N, 79° 23' 08" W

09 Jan 2017

Claw Molding

Molding claws for restoration work on fifteen year old paws. I'd never molded this style claw before, but still had a bagful of claws I'd made by hand back in Texas.

Location: Clarion, PA

02 Jan 2017

Colorful griffon paws

Master pull of the griffon paws (foam filled). I'm playing with markings cast in the latex. There's no airbrushing (or painting at all) on these, and they're just roughly cleaned up - you can still see the mold line, for instance. I keep pulls like these around to make it easier to make new molds, if needed.

Location: Clarion, PA