MFF 2002 - Sunday

Sunday, Nov. 24th


DarkFang and I swung by the professional mascot sig (in street clothes). Wolfgang Tail and Latin Vixen chose to watch the panel from the floor.


We stopped by the fursuit lounge as we went by and ran into Jugular Jaguar. He demonstrates how his text board works by telling Ysengrin "Hi!"


The dealers' room opened at 11 - and the first stop was to ask Ginger(Jessica Willard) if she could work in two con badges, one for Ysengrin Blackpaw and one for DarkFang Blackpaw. She said she's try to but couldn't guarantee anything. We left our fursuit heads with her for inspiration.

Of course, there were fursuiters wandering about as well. That's Wildfox (the fox) and Iakua (the jaguar). Iakua was also the MC of the Furry Variety Show.


Above is Napier (the hyena), playing it up for the camera and browsing the tables.

That's Wildfox again to the right. I think he spent most (if not all the con) in the fur.


We ran into Midnight in the hallway outside the Fursuit Lounge; he posed for the camera then gave Ysengrin a snug.


The Hyatt was putting up all the Christmas decorations on Sunday afternoon. Getting into the spirit of things, Diablo tried to carry a bronzed glass ball ornament in his mouth. Unfortunately, it slid back and caught farther back in his mouth, and it took a trip to the Fursuit Lounge to remedy the matter.

Those ornaments need a warning label - "May Cause Choking in Large Canids."

Darkfang and I walked over to Woodfield Mall to try and find some gifts and a card (we didn’t). We saw signs for Todai's (yea!) but when we finally found it it wasn't opening until December 20th (dangit!). I did rescue a small wolf plush from the Rainforst Café gift shop, and we had lunch (DarkFang had ribs again!) at Ruby Tuesday with the post-church crowd. We brought cheese dip and chips back to Tigerwolf in the internet room.

The snow started to fall as we were walking back.

DarkFang and I then headed back into the dealers' room to see if Ginger was able to get to both of our badges; happily, she was!

We ran into Odinochka there as well - somehow I had turned off the flash ...


Mirko showed up with new sandals! If I understood him right, he went to Woodfield mall in fursuit to get them. Something about them not fitting right if he wasn't in suit to try them on :)

Finally - after trying to get a picture of him all weekend I caught up with Cavalier in the dealers' room!

The dealers' room closed just after this, though it was more a matter of not letting anyone else in and trying to get the furs already there to stop buying and migrate out to the hallway.


Leaving the now closed dealer's room we ran into Mrianti hanging around the registration area.


Out in front of the fursuit lounge Midnight, Wolfgang Tail, Bradhound, Cavalier, J. P. Kitty and BillyCoyote all congregate before dinner.


Finally caught up with Bradhound in the fur and got a snug in return :)


Finally posed with Stalking Cat, too (I did get to pose in the fur with him later)

DarkFang and I headed back to the hotel room to drop off the prints I'd bought and the copies of IRONCLAW (an anthropomorphic RPG), PHELAN (a supplement for Ironclaw) and SCARS (a novel set in the Ironclaw universe).

While there I partook of my latest favorite beverage, Pepsi Blue. I couldn't resist setting up a 'commercial' shot with a hand-paw :) I think it'll be a long time before we see anything like this in a magazine, though.

Chris B. Critter stopped by with an art care package, too :)


DarkFang and I head back down to see if there's anything getting started with the Dead Dog Party (Still in street clothes - I'm trying to let the new suit dry somewhat before I get back in - no fan). We come across Snap E. Tiger in the lobby . . .


We had coffee and hot chocolate at the hotel bar – only food either of us bought from the hotel – and watched part of Wizard of Oz on the hotel TVs while furs came and went (That's Chris B. Critter to the left). There was a discussion about knowing all the lyrics to the Munchkin songs, then Rustiobuck came by in his Sully suit . . . "mini-me" courtesy of Chris.


Here we witness Jim Groat's response to unexpectedly meeting Rusty-Sully in the lobby, and the reaction of one of the Groatlings.


DarkFang and I went back up stairs and changed into fursuit (finally!).

We wandered around the con suite and the lobby – the latter seems to be where the dead dog party was really happening. Torrle was in street clothes taking pictures so he offered to run our camera as well (which is where all these pictures came from).

We both posed with Rusty-Sully and Mirko before Sully left for the night (Thanks for hanging around for us, Rustiobuck!).


Another pose with Mirko, then DarkFang ran up and back down the hallway to get a breeze.


We stop by the pay phones to arf with Lunarwolf for a bit.


Both DarkFang and I played with Jugular Jaguar for a while (even though he didn't have his Twister game with him). Finally I offered to give him a wolf-back ride and he accepted. This was harder than it looked - the new fur on my suit proved to be very slick, and DarkFang had to stand behind us, propping Jugular Jaguar up for this picture :)


Loriana, Aerofox and Cavilier in the lobby.


DarkFang, Lunarwolf and myself went out front to cool off and exalted in the joys of snow. Lunarwolf pegged DarkFang with a snowball and got picked up, carried across the driveway and dumped into the snow as a result. THEN Torrle started taking pictures (wish I had one of DarkFang getting snowballed!)


After the four-legged fox ran by (furs had been watching him out back for a while before the fox decided to run around front), Lunarwolf went back inside while DarkFang and I made paw-prints in the snow.

Torrle made a few paw-prints, too - he was wearing his feet :)


When we came back inside, we found Crosscheck getting a picture with (from left to right) Pounce, Wildfox, AlecTric Fox, and Javu. We tackled Crosscheck and rolled on him (something that happens quite often to him in #fursuit). Hey, Brokken wasn't here so somefur had to do it!

Posing with Stalker Cat, this time I'm in the fur :)


Finally, Torrle introduced both DarkFang and I to his Megapaw. That's me under the big wolf paw.

I wound up falling asleep, still in full fursuit, in Torrle's room. DarkFang woke me up about 2am and we went back to our room for a few hours sleep.

Photos and text © 2002 by Wolf Corlett.

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