The following text is from the San Jose Mercury News, Sunday, October 27, 1996.

Mystery lights that dance in cemetery

Jim Little has seen 'em -- the mysterious lights that flit through the Silver Cliff cemetery on the darkest of nights.

They're called ghost lights, and Little, a rational man by all appearances, says they're real.

"Almost anybody who's an old timer around here has seen them," says Little, editor/publisher of the Wet Mountain Tribune. "It's just one of those quirky things, a phenomenon that's never been explained. One of life's mysteries."

The ghost lights are silver-dollar-size, round and whitish. They usually appear three or four at a time, floating among the headstones of the cemetery.

They're ephemeral and tend to disappear just when you're trying to get a closer look. The lights were written about in the August 1969 issue of National Geographic and are now considered part tourist attraction, part folklore.

A few theories on the lights' origin: They're reflections of town lights; they're phosphorous, perhaps from crumbling tombstones; they're methane gas. Geologists and ghost-debunkers have failed to prove any of those theories, though.

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